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Millie | Lottie is a food tote + housewares company that offers a line of contemporary redesign of traditional approach to carrying and sharing food. Our signature products are luxury modern food totes and our version of a flexible wrap, both with a removable cutting board. We are a purpose-driven, women-owned business. We wish to make sharing food, gathering as a community a life-style choice, while keeping manufacturing in San Francisco, U.S.A., promoting sustainable products, and giving-back to the community organizations that support nutrition education. We began design and producing products in San Francisco, California in the Fall of 2015.


The love of cooking for others, sharing food and gathering as a community are the inspiration behind Millie | Lottie. A rewarding part of my life outside of work is feeding my family and sharing food with friends, building community around the dinner table. After having children, the concept of sharing food expanded to a broader community. I deliver meals to new mothers, bring a dish to any school gathering and even deliver mineral broth to women going through chemo. I was a personal chef for a gentleman while he followed a specific diet. Food is the center of our family social time, our strongest relationships have been built around the table. Sharing food is essential.

I have always been a maker. Being a Waldorf mom, the outlet was expanded. I collaborated on so many amazing projects from an 8 x 10 foot felted rug, a natural die class where 3rd graders made their own table clothes for a harvest dinner, basket-weaving, queen-sized wool quilt decorated with stitching by kindergartners and a sheep to sweater project.

Millie | Lottie came to fruition when both these skills came together in a dream. I could not get rid of the image of my first tote in my mind. The image kept coming forward and I was determined to make my dream tote. I made it my mission to create a luxurious tote that reflected a more modern, simple and elegant solution. I proudly offer you the totes that literally inhabited my dreams.

My goal is to eliminate the barrier of getting you to the potluck or the picnic. I want to encourage you to gather around the table, one meal at a time.

I have always been a maker. Creating Millie | Lottie is just one more step in the creative process. The dream arrived the Spring of 2015 and the fist line of products by December 2015.

 - Jan Hammock, Designer | Owner


Millie | Lottie is named in honor of my family influences, my inspirations. Mildred, my mom, inspired the food totes. She mastered the world of entertaining and sharing her well-loved culinary dishes when marriage took her to Virginia. I grew up being branded by scorching dishes balanced on my lap. Lottie is my paternal Aunt Lottie Gray, a true Southerner by design and by desire.


Millie | Lottie has a line of beautiful, thoughtful products to take you from cooking and transporting food to setting the table. My signature line is my food transport systems. I have designed a family of modern food totes and wrap to meet all carrying needs and price points.

Heirloom Wraps are our entry-level cloth wraps, available in two sizes; small for bowls + pies and the large for casseroles. Inspired by the Japanese Furoshiki, our  Heirloom Wrap was designed with gentle curves and contrasting trim for a fresh approach to  a flexible system for carrying and sharing food. Place a pot or a bowl inside, tie a knot and off you go. They are flexible enough to carry a lunch or a casserole dish. Add our cutting board to the bottom for support and for for presentation at your final destination.

Modern Food Totes are a line of luxury, structured picnic/potluck totes for food transport, available in several sizes for all your toting needs. The totes were designed with a wide opening for easy access, wipeable lining and cutting board. The stylish totes are ready for all your transporting needs, to a party, the farmers market or grocery store. Take out the cutting board and you have an every-day tote. I have created a line of totes from simple to luxurious. I have designed my totes to not be just single-function. Designed for food transport but stylish enough and flexible enough for all  your toting needs.

The Millie | Lottie Family of totes:

The Branch is our "every person" tote with navy cotton exterior and contrasting colorful waterproof canvas lining. Comes in Medium and Extra Large Strap Model.

The Etta is our luxrious style that comes with 2 layers of 18 oz canvas, pocket, wipeabable lining, strap to secure wine, cutting board and 1" straps for over-the-should transport. It comes in Natural or Black, Medium and Extra Large.

The Eva is the tote that I could not get out of my dreams. It has the same base as the Etta + Branch with my signature handle. It also comes with 2 layers of 18 oz canvas, pocket, wipeabable lining, strap to secure wine, cutting board. It comes in Natural or Black, Medium and Large.


Amos the Millie | Lottie mascot.